Monthly Archive: March 2018

What happens if you set the position of an invisible div

The other day I wanted to allow users of the metadiscourse annotator to quickly locate in text the marker they tag. This is particularly important if the text contains many markers. When the user presses a button I wanted the following effect: It seemed quite simple to implement it: Create a hidden div which contains the pointer Place the div at the correct location (i.e. next to the marker) Show the div and animate using jquery. Hide it at the end of the animation. The implementation was quite simple and worked almost from the first attempt. I was very happy….
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Ajax calls stopped working in my Symfony 2.8 application

Update:¬†One day after I wrote this post, version 2.8.36 was released to fix this problem. It seem that other versions of Symfony were also affected. If you are interested in this problem, read on. If you are affected by it, you should upgrade, not use the fix from here. Last night I implemented a few improvements in the Metadiscourse annotator¬†which I am developing in my spare time. (I rewrote several functions that cut the running time of two actions from minutes to seconds … but that’s for a different post, maybe …). I tested the new code on my development…
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