Problems running NetBeans in Fedora

I am not quite sure when the problem began, but at some point I noticed that the tabs do not look good when I run Netbeans in Fedora. and they look like in this screenshot. This was happening for sure in Fedora 24 and I see it again in Fedora 25, with both NetBeans 8.1 and 8.2. Initially I dismissed it as a cosmetic annoyance, but at times it became a problem because it is not easy to select the tabs anymore. I tried to find the root of the problem and it seems to be linked to the GTK theme that comes…
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Word2Vec made simple

I recently came across a GitHub repository which demonstrates how to train and use Word2Vec. Given the massive interest in deep learning and word embeddings, there are many similar tutorials out there. The nice thing about this particular one is the fact that it is prepared as Jupyter Notebooks which makes it easy to follow the tutorial and make changes to the code. I have to admit that it also gave me a very good excuse to play with technologies such as anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks. The same author published another GitHub repository which discusses the Word2Vec at a slower pace and provides slightly…
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Composer ‘out of memory’ error

I deal with several projects that are written in PHP using the Symfony framework. One of the regular tasks I have to do is to deploy the applications on the production servers. For more than one year I have been successfully using capifony, which after the initial tweaking worked without a problem till last night. The problem was not because of capifony, but it was caused by composer: I noticed that I was getting the same error on my development machine as well. This was completely independent from my attempts to deploy the project. On the development machine the fix was quite…
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