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Ajax calls stopped working in my Symfony 2.8 application

Update: One day after I wrote this post, version 2.8.36 was released to fix this problem. It seem that other versions of Symfony were also affected. If you are interested in this problem, read on. If you are affected by it, you should upgrade, not use the fix from here. Last night I implemented a few improvements in the Metadiscourse annotator which I am developing in my spare time. (I rewrote several functions that cut the running time of two actions from minutes to seconds … but that’s for a different post, maybe …). I tested the new code on my development…
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Overriding the location for cache and logs in Symfony

A while ago I decided to move the projects I am working on to Dropbox. There are several reasons, but the main one is that in this way I could easily work on them using different computers with similar setup. I even setup up git and everything works fine. Most of these projects are in PHP using Symfony. However, one of the annoying things with this setting is that Dropbox had to synchronise continuously the logs and cache. Once, I even run out of space when the log grew too big. The documentation for Symfony explains how to override the…
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Dependencies not installable in SensioLabsInsight

I analyse my Symfony applications using SensioLabsInsight. The reports I receive are not always useful, but many point to various problems that should be considered. SensioLabInsight integrates with GitHub so you can get an analysis with each commit without doing anything. That’s definitely a nice feature. One of the errors I had from the beginning was a critical error “Dependencies not installable”. The problem is caused by a “Connection refused” error that had not much to do with my code.

Composer ‘out of memory’ error

I deal with several projects that are written in PHP using the Symfony framework. One of the regular tasks I have to do is to deploy the applications on the production servers. For more than one year I have been successfully using capifony, which after the initial tweaking worked without a problem till last night. The problem was not because of capifony, but it was caused by composer: I noticed that I was getting the same error on my development machine as well. This was completely independent from my attempts to deploy the project. On the development machine the fix was quite…
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