Dependencies not installable in SensioLabsInsight

Dependencies not installable in SensioLabsInsight

I analyse my Symfony applications using SensioLabsInsight. The reports I receive are not always useful, but many point to various problems that should be considered. SensioLabInsight integrates with GitHub so you can get an analysis with each commit without doing anything. That’s definitely a nice feature. One of the errors I had from the beginning was a critical error “Dependencies not installable”. The problem is caused by a “Connection refused” error that had not much to do with my code. The full error is here:

After (quite) a bit of digging if found a blog post blog post pointing in the right direction. Specifying the server_version in the doctrine/bdal section of config.yml is enough. Currently, I have:

# Doctrine Configuration
      driver: pdo_mysql
      host: "%database_host%"
      port: "%database_port%"
      dbname: "%database_name%"
      user: "%database_user%"
      password: "%database_password%"
      charset: UTF8
      server_version: 5.5

which does not seem to cause any problems on my development and production environments, and makes the error on SensioLabsInsight go away. Now I have a new bunch of Critical errors that were not detected because of this error 🙂

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