Python for linguists

How to create word frequency lists in Python

A few weeks ago I introduced my students to the notion of dictionaries in python. The obvious way of teaching them, especially in the context of my module, is to use dictionaries to create word frequency lists. In order to make the students understand better why dictionaries are useful, we discussed other ways to produce frequency lists which use only lists. This prompted me to try to think as many ways as possible to produce frequency lists. I also wanted to see how feasible is to use these methods ...
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Python programming for linguists: Introduction

This is a very much delayed series of posts related the yearly module I give on Python programming for Natural Language Processing. The purpose of this module is to teach students how to use Python for processing corpora and for other Natural Language Processing (NLP) related tasks. The background of students is different from year to year, but in general students come with non-computer science related backgrounds. This makes the module a bit challenging because in about 12 weeks, I need to bring these students from zero to an intermediate level ...
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