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I analyse my Symfony applications using SensioLabsInsight. The reports I receive are not always useful, but many point to various problems that should be considered. SensioLabInsight integrates with GitHub so you can get an analysis with each commit without doing anything. That’s definitely a nice feature. One of the errors I had from the beginning was a critical error “Dependencies not installable”. The problem is caused by a “Connection refused” error that had not much to do with my code.

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… well, sadly it turns out that it’s not that easy.

I recently bought an SSD in an attempt to revive a bit my old desktop which obviously suffers because of slow disk access. At the same time I also wanted to switch away from Ubuntu. I am not going to rant here why move away from Ubuntu after using it so many years, but one of the reasons can be seen below. I downloaded the ISO image of the latest Fedora and I wanted to burn it onto a USB stick, so I can install it from there. Being in Linux, I thought this will be an easy task especially because there is the dd command available.

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