Gothic quarter

Lovely area of Barcelona just off the Rambla. Ideal for visiting if you like narrow streets with old houses.

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La Pedrera

One of the many buildings by Gaudi in Barcelona. Even thought only 2 floors can be visited, it is definitely worth it.

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Park Guell

Park Guell is a great place to go for a walk, but expect lots of crowds. It is very pretty, but it makes me think a bit of Alton Towers :)

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Sagrada Familia

I guess visiting Sagrada Familia is a must for every tourist in Barcelona. Impressive construction, but far away from being finished.

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One of the main reasons for visiting Tibidabo was the book The Shadow of the wind. Also the top of the mountain offers you a great view of Barcelona.

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Wandering around

Random photos taken while wondering around Barcelona. Most of the streets are so pretty that you could take photos continuously.

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