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I carry out research on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Translation technology and Machine Learning for NLP. Most of my research is under the general topic of facilitating access to information using NLP. In the past this entailed research on automatic summarisation, questions answering, text accessibility. I am currently focusing on NLP for accessing information in other languages using machine translation and helping translators and interpreters. You can find out more about my research by checking my publications.

My projects

My current research projects focus on using NLP for the legal domain and automatic translation of sentiments and emotions. I will add more about my projects in the due course.

PhD theses supervised

I am supervising PhD research on topics related to NLP topics, and on how to use NLP technologies in translation and interpreting. In NLP, I am particularly interested in topics related to evaluation in machine translation, sentiment analysis (defined in the broadest sense), information extraction, and coreference resolution. Recently, I started to work with my PhD students on the impact of automatic speech recognition on interpreters. If you are looking for a PhD on any of these topics, send me an email and we can have an informal chat. If you get in touch, it would be useful if you include in your email your CV and a short document describing the topic you would like to investigate.

You can see PhD theses I am currently supervising or supervised in the past on this page.

More about my research